A diversified economy

Agriculture and fishing are Brittany’s mainstays but strong industries have also developed around four key activities (food processing, telecoms, automotive, shipbuilding). The service sector is also experiencing significant growth in the region.


Brittany continues to create jobs and the unemployment rate remains lower than the national average (8.6% in Brittany compared with 9.8% in France). In 2012, Brittany’s workforce totalled 1.46 million people. Only 4.5% of these work in agriculture and fishing, which are steadily declining. Some 14% work in industry, 7% in construction and 74% in the tertiary sector (trade and services).


Agriculture, from livestock to vegetable production

With 34,447 farms in 2010 - down 15% since 2005 - Brittany is the leading agricultural region in France in terms of production. It is mainly oriented towards livestock (cattle, pigs, poultry) and polyculture (cereals and vegetables).


Fishing, a Breton speciality

The leading French region for fishing, Brittany has seen an increasing concentration on production and marketing. From offshore trawlers to coastal fishing vessels, all types of fishing are practised side by side and all the main species of fish, crustaceans and molluscs are found here.


Key industrial sectors


Food processing, Brittany’s leading industry

The food processing sector has been booming in Brittany for 25 years and is the region’s main activity, accounting for 33.8% of Breton companies and a third of the region’s industrial jobs. 


The car industry centred around PSA

The Citroen plant in Rennes, established in the 1960s, led to the rise of the automobile industry in Brittany, which involves a large network of suppliers and subcontractors.


A tradition of shipbuilding

The fourth largest industry in Brittany, this booming sector includes military and civilian shipbuilding and repair yards, as well as sites servicing the fishing industry, leisure craft, oceanography vessels, passenger transport fleets etc. 


A peak in electronics and telecoms

The second national centre for telecoms and the fifth region in France for electronics, Brittany has built a global reputation in these sectors around three locations : Rennes, Lannion and Brest.


All types of tourism in Brittany

Green tourism, maritime and cultural holidays : thanks to the diversity of its landscapes and its rich heritage, Brittany offers a wide range of holidays making it the fourth most important tourist region in France.