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A cultural vitality that’s constantly renewed

The Brittany of today is best understood through its history : richly diverse, the region is stronger for its centuries-old heritage.

Brittany is one of the most dynamic regions of France in terms of art and culture. Contemporary approaches add vibrancy to its rich heritage, which is still very much alive. Open to the world, Brittany’s culture is enriched by being firmly rooted in the territory where its professional and amateur artists work.

An example : 160 Celtic circles bring together almost 13,000 adults and children to practise Breton dance !


A special feature : traditional music and dance


A group of two musicians, one playing the biniou and one playing the bombarde, symbolises traditional Breton music. Playing as a pair or with other musicians, they perform at concerts and dances during the traditional Fest-noz celebrations.

A bagad is a group of musicians playing the bombarde, bagpipes, snare drums and other percussion instruments. These groups can number 20 to 40 musicians. There are around a hundred of them.

Throughout the whole of Brittany, the many Celtic circles have done important work in recent years to develop choreography and dance artistry, as well as music and costume, producing high quality shows that the can be seen at all the traditional Breton festivals.


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