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Why shoot in Brittany ?

A wide range of film and broadcasting professionals

Every year, between 10 and 15 full length dramas for TV or cinema are shot in Brittany, together with 20 to 30 short films and many documentaries, corporate films and animated films. More than 360 technicians and 260 actors living permanently in Brittany are registered on our regularly updated database, from new graduates to highly experienced department heads.

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Easy access

Rennes is one hour and a half by TGV train from Paris Montparnasse station. Brest and Quimper are about three and a half hours from Paris by train.

By road, Rennes is 350 km from Paris, Saint-Brieuc 450 km, Lorient 500 km and Brest 590 km.

Rennes, Brest, Quimper, Lorient and Lannion airports have daily connections with Paris. Some airports have direct flights to Ireland, the UK, Spain, Italy etc.

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27,000 square kilometres of film locations

Brittany is famous for its seascapes, beaches, little fishing ports, cliffs overlooking the sea etc. But inland Brittany also offers some amazing locations, from villages with houses made of stone, wood or earth to cities that blend contemporary architecture with historic districts.

More than 600 of these places can be viewed in the “Brittany film locations” section of this website.

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An exceptional heritage and a maritime climate

With 2,900 protected monuments, more than 4,000 castles and manor houses and more religious monuments than anywhere else in Europe, Brittany is France’s second most important heritage region after the Paris area. It has the largest megalithic site in the world : the standing stones at Carnac, along with dozens of towns and villages that are keen to raise awareness of their rich heritage. Brittany enjoys a mild maritime climate where rain and sun can alternate within a few hours.

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